skimz coral frag rack tray
Coral Magnetic Frag Rack

September 29, – ReefBuilders

Magnetic coral frag racks are nothing new but Skimz is looking to take a different approach with acrylic racks and plugs to give it a unique look with the new Skimz NeoMag Coral Frag Rack.

What makes this one unique is it features a cross pattern for the holes along with an acrylic plug with a single rectangular post allowing you to rotate the plug in the hole in 90-degree increments.

The cast acrylic structure of the rack attaches on glass or acrylic up to 12mm thick using strong neodymium magnets. Skimz NeoMag Coral Frag Racks come in four sizes the CR4, CR12, CR16 and CR25.

Below are the specifications:

CR4 – nano
Holds 4 frag plugs
L95mm x D85mm

CR12 – small
Holds 12 frag plugs
L170mm x D170mm

CR16 – medium
Holds 16 frag plugs
L250mm x D105mm

CR25 – large
Holds 25 frag plugs
L375mm x D105mm

skimz coral frag plug skimz coral frag rack tray skimz coral frag rack tray skimz coral frag rack tray skimz coral frag rack tray


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