Dupla Marin


Dupla Marin Amino 24 consists of all important amino acids essential to stony coral growth. These supplements also help coral utilize the absorption of calcium and increasing your coral growth. You will also notice increased polyp extension during their daylight hours.


Dupla popular product ‘Easy Marin” which consists of aragonite (highly active clinoptilolites) and numerous trace elements.


Christoph explaining the accuracy of Dupla Marin Hydrometer.


Dupla Marin Iodine 24 is vital for coral development and colouration. Dupla Iodine also helps corals to adapt to lighting variations.


Axel of Dupla helping to explain the formula to prove the accuracy of the Dupla Marin Hydrometer.


Dupla Magnesium and Strontium liquid.


Dupla Marin Premium Reef Salt in 4kg pack.


Dupla Marin Premium Reef Salt in 10kg and 25kg bucket.


Dupla Marin Biopellet NP available in 240ml, 450ml and 1,000ml


Dupla Marin Biopellet NP, Dupla Easy Marin and Dupla Trace Element Mix.


Dupla Deko-Fix (high viscosity construction adhesive), Dupla Amino 24, Dupla Strontium 24, Dupla Iron 24 and Dupla Iodine 24.


Dupla liquid KH+, Dupla liquid Magnesium, Dupla liquid Calcium.


Dupla Bacter M, Dupla Bacter Booster and Dupla Reef Power.


Dupla Power KH+, Dupla Power Magnesium and Dupla Power Calcium.


Dupla Calcium granular, Dupla Sulphur granular, Dupla Carbon granular and Dupla Siliphos granular.

Dupla Marin

Dupla Rin MAR, Dupla Rin Coral Food Phyto, Dupla Rin Coral Food, Dupla Spirulina and Dupla Eeze.


Dupla Marin is available at: AquaMarin Aquatic Pets


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