Reefbuilders: Skimz intros new space-saving dosing storage containers

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Skimz intros new space-saving dosing storage containers

By Brian Blank of Reefbuilders on Aug 21, 2014

SKIMZ DB4 – Dosing Liquid Storage Containers

Storing anything is a challenge with the limited storage space many of us have around our aquariums and for those of us that utilize a dosing regimen, the new Skimz DB4 dosing liquid storage containers are worth a look. The Skimz DB4 uses a space-saving design in a rectangular storage case. The Skimz DB4 features four 1.5 liter containers made of cast acrylic. The unit dimensions are L235 x D152 x H310mm (9 x 6 x 12 1/4 in.) making it easy to store and manage your dosing products.

We don’t have pricing or availability yet, but the company has just announced it and we would expect more details in the next few weeks. While this may be a luxury item for many reefers who may just prefer using a DIY blend of off-the-shelf containers, for those interested in keeping a neat and tidy stand or fish room, this is definitely worth exploring.


Available at AquaMarin Aquatic Pets


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