Protein Skimmer

Postcard of Skimz DC Pump Protein Skimmer

Postcard of Skimz Leopard DC Semi-Pipeless Protein Skimmer. There are three models available: SL183, SL203 and SL253. Postcard of Skimz Monzter DC Semi-Pipeless Protein Skimmer. There are three models available: SM163, SM203 and SM253.    

Aquarama 2011

Skimz Leopard’s inverted cone within a cone may be the least turbulent yet

The Skimz Leopard skimmer has finally been unveiled here at Aquarama in Singapore and the inverted cone is nothing to scoff at. Rising above the bubble plate, the inverted cone ingeniously guides all incoming water an bubbles against the sides of the cone skimmer body, while skimmed water descends down …

Aquarama 2011

New! Skimz Leopard Protein Skimmer 2011

Skimz Leopard’s Integrated Inverted Cone (IIC) channel bubbles to the outer side of the chamber to achieve optimal skimming performance. This significantly reduces surface agitation, thus creating superb foaming within the skimmer and results in increased skimming efficiency. Together with the use of the bubble plate design, turbulence within the …

Aquarama 2011


Skimz’s new Leopard range of protein skimmers featuring the new Integrated Inverted Cone (IIC). There are 3 new Skimz models, SL200, SL250 and SL300. Skimz SL200 is the smallest of the 3 Leopard Skimmer models, rated for tank up to 2,500L with air intake of 1,500 l/h. Next model is …