Hydor Koralia 5 – Wavemaker Pump 6500 l/hr

Hydor magnam K - 5

Hydor Koralia 5 – Wavemaker Pump 6500 l/hr guarantee unbelievable performance for probably the lowest power consumption of any pump in the market. Equipped with an electronic start up system, new technology rotors and propellers, compact in size, these new model will quickly become leaders in their flow categories. Koralia Magnum has a pleasant design and comes with a powerful magnet-suction cup which holds up to 20mm thickness of glass, able to supports rotation to direct water flow easily and can be positioned anywhere in the aquarium.

Watt : 8

Flow rate : 6500 l/hr

warranty: one year

Available at Aquamarin Aquatic Pets
Visit Hydor website


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