Skimz Sumpro Series sumps are worth paying attention to

skimz aquarium sump tank

February 29 2016, – Reefbuilders

The new Skimz Sumpro series of sumps are another in the growing trend of quality sumps that’s beauty can rival the tank above. With equipment like this, you can turn the bottom of your aquarium into a point of pride.

The new sumps from Skimz feature the white, stylish and efficient design with just a little pop of orange consistent with the company’s other products.

Like many sumps, the first stage of the Skimz Sumpro two-stage Duoflo filter sock chamber, skimmer chamber, built-in dosing lines and probe holders and for some models a top-off water chamber and refugium.

Skimz took a novel path with the filter chamber. The aquarium water drains into the filter chamber with the outlets submerged with the water then overflowing into the sock chamber to prevent salt creep and reduce noise. The two-stage filter sock chamber allows you chose what filtration size you want. Once the first chamber becomes blocked, the water spills over to the second chamber.

The next stage is a skimmer chamber with what they call their Level-o-matic adjustable spillway gate to control the water level for optimal protein skimmer operation. Rather than just adjusting baffles with thumbscrews, Skimz Level-o-matic adds this level of control (on top of the sump no less) to adjust the spillway gate allowing you to adjust water height from 180 to 230mm.

The Skimz Sumpro also features customizable holes to handle the pipe size you want to use, from DIN Standard (DN25, DN32, DN40) to Schedule 80 in 1 in. and 1.5 in. sizes. There is also the option to use a pipework hole cover with a notch for a heater.

All Skimz Sumpro series sumps come with a probe holder that can hold up to four probes. The holes are 15mm In diameter with thumbscrews to secure different sized probes. The sumps also come with tube holder In the top support brace for holding In four 6mm tubes from dosing pumps, auto top offs, reactors, etc.

There are eight different sizes that range in size from the Skimz Sumpro™ UP14 (56 litres capacity) to the UP39 (131 litres capacity). Three sizes — the UP34, UP36 and UP39 — feature the refugium section and five sizes – the UP21, UP30, UP34, UP36 and UP39 – feature the ATO resovoir.ture the ATO resovoir.

We are hoping to have pricing and available details shortly.

Link to Skimz Sumpro Sumps

Skimz Sumpro Sump Tank Skimz Sumpro Sump Tank Skimz Sumpro Sump Tank Skimz Sumpro Sump Tank

Skimz Sumpro sumps available in 8 sizes: UP14, UP18, UP21, UP22, UP30, UP34, UP36 and UP39.


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