Aquarium Systems Provides Sea Salt to Aquariums for More than 50 years

Aquarium Systems 50 years anniversay
Aquarium Systems

Aquarium Systems 50 years anniversay

Aquarium Systems has been offering its unique expertise for nearly 50 years, aimed at public and private aquariums alike. In ever-increasing numbers, scientists and passionate tropical fish hobbyists recognise in Aquarium Systems a feel for tradition and innovation constantly renewed.


A look back on a story well worth its salt…


Excellence is built up step by step. A memory of intuitions and experiences, it reflects a passion, woven from the weft of time.
Founded in 1964, Aquarium Systems bases its expertise on long, meticulous practice, which was very quickly endorsed by the scientific community. Instant Ocean, its flagship sea salt, was its first product: still today, it remains a reference in scientific research, endorsed by thousands of users.In 1966, in the United States, the Niagara Falls aquarium called on the services of Aquarium Systems for the construction and operation of a public aquarium using exclusively reconstituted seawater: a first!
A challenge successfully taken up, which was very quickly relayed to the Mystic Marinelife Aquarium in the State of Connecticut.In 1978,


Aquarium Systems took a decisive step forward in the development of its marine salts. The reproduction and breeding of clown fish at the hatchery that helped us to refine a technique which has since more than made its mark. It was at that very moment that Alain Bertschy met Professor Bruno Condé, a zoologist, eminent naturalist and founder of the Museum Aquarium in Nancy, who was particularly interested in this approach, following “nature as closely as possible”.A few years’ research resulted in 1983 in the first production of marine salt, Instant Ocean, on the Aquarium Systems premises on the rue Gambetta in Sarrebourg (FR).


Aquarium Systems Factory at rue Gambetta in Sarrebourg


In 1986, Aquarium Systems offered a brand new concept dedicated to aquarium heating systems: a settings scale integrated in the device, for simplified use available to all. Three years later, the Visi-Jet pump was developed. A totally new concept at the time: a pump with a settings device fitted with a flowrate readout.


In 1990, the first Reef Crystals mixtures were developed in the United States. Especially recommended for reef aquariums, Reef Crystals is an innovative mixture of enriched marine salt, which contains an extra dose of calcium, vitamins and selected trace elements, and a neutraliser to eradicate the hazards presented by heavy metals in the domestic water supply.


Aquarium Systems Reef Crystals
Reef Crystals Reef Salts


Aquarium Systems Instant Ocean Sea Salt
Instant Ocean Sea Salt



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