AquaPharm Protein Skimmer is small, but SERIOUS!

AquaPharm AP600 Protein Skimmer Body
Protein Skimmer

AquaPharm AP-Series Protein Skimmer has small DC pump, is low wattage and has a small foot print. Together with the use of the bubble plate design to reduce turbulence within the skimmer chamber, maximum air flow capacity can be achieved in our compact skimmer. This result in the reduced height of the skimmer; allowing AquaPharm skimmers to fit into small sumps and setups.

Technical Specifications:

AquaPharm AP600

  • Skimmer Pump: JS1200-DC
  • Air Intake: 120-360 l/h
  • Total Watts: 6-12W
  • For Aquariums: up to 600 Litres

AquaPharm AP900

  • Skimmer Pump: JS2000-DC
  • Air Intake: 240-660 l/h
  • Total Watts: 9-18W
  • For Aquariums: up to 900 Litres

AquaPharm AP1200

  • Skimmer Pump: JS3000-DC
  • Air Intake: 600-1,200 l/h
  • Total Watts: 14-28W
  • For Aquariums: up to 1,200 Litres


AquaPharm Protein Skimmer AP600

AquaPharm AP600 Protein Skimmer.

AquaPharm Protein Skimmer AP1200

AquaPharm AP1200 Protein Skimmer.
AquaPharm AP600 Protein Skimmer Body

AquaPharm Protein Skimmer’s Bubble Chamber.

AquaPharm AP600 Control Valve Indicator

AquaPharm Protein Skimmer’s Control Valve Indicator.

AquaPharm Protein Skimmer Twist-lock neck for easy cup removal

AquaPharm Protein Skimmer’s Twist-lock Neck for easy collection cup removal.


AquaPharm Laboratories


Dear Sir,
I would like to know how much JS2000 DC pump?i want to replace for AP900 skimmer.
Please kindly reply me.

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