ATI T5 Powermodule Aquarium Lighting

ATI T5 Powermodule Aquarium Lighting

The ATI T5 Powermodule is the perfect merger of world-class engineering, elegant design and high-end components. The ATI Powermodule is perfect for the truly serious hobbyist who values style and performance.

The ATI T5 Powermodule features Miro-Silver reflectors and an active cooling system for unmatched performance and long lamp life. Its stylish, heavy-duty, curved housing give it a sleek, sophisticated look.

Superior design and high-end components produce 50% more light than most equally-sized T5 fixtures. The active cooling system allows bulbs to run at a more optimal temperature, improving bulb life.

The sleek, heavy-duty silver colored body is durable, rust-proof and only 2.3 inches high. All components, including the T5 ballasts, are enclosed inside the fixture housing. The only items external to the fixture are a small junction box, two power cords, and an AC/DC adapter to power the fans.

Wired with two bulbs on one power cord and remaining bulbs on the other, allowing for independent control and dawn/dusk simulation.

Produces up to 50% more light than most other equally-sized T5 fixtures, without using more energy.

Runs cool and produces virtually no noise.

• Individual Parabolic-Style Reflectors made from Silver-coated 98% Reflective Aluminium
• Active Cooling System
• Built-in Electronics Ballasts
• Acrylic Shield
• 10-foot Power Cords (2x/2 Channels)
• Sleek, Adjustable “Griplock” Style Hanging Kit
• Available in 24W, 39W, 54W and 80W
• Available as Standard and Dimmable


Available at: AquaMarin Aquatic Pets


Hi How much is the ATI 4x 54w T5 lighting module? And is there a local warranty or technical repairs?



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