New! Skimz Monzter Mini DC Protein Skimmer

skimz monzter mini dc protein skimmer
Interzoo 2014

skimz monzter mini dc protein skimmer

The new Skimz Monzter Mini protein skimmer has the smallest DC pump in the compact body that is great for people who have small sumps. With six preset RPMs controller, low wattage, small footprint, the Monzter Mini is the product of the pursuit of simplicity and stylishness.

Skimz Monzter Mini will be available in two sizes: SN123 and SN143. The body diameter is 120mm and 140mm respectively.

Skimz Monzter Mini DC protein skimmers will be showcased in Interzoo 2014, 29 May – 1 June at Nuremberg Germany.


skimz sn123 mini dc protein skimmer

Skimz SN123 Monzter Mini Protein Skimmer

Dimension: L163 x D187 x H490 (mm)

Body Diameter: 120mm

Pump: Skimz VSC1200 DC

Air Intake: 120 – 360 L/h

Total Watts: 6 – 12W

For Aquarium: up to 500L

Skimz SN123 Monzter Mini Protein Skimmer

Skimz SN143 Monzter Mini Protein Skimmer

Dimension: L188 x D196 x H490 (mm)

Body Diameter: 140mm

Pump: Skimz VSC2000 DC

Air Intake: 240 – 660 L/h

Total Watts: 9 – 18W

For Aquarium: up to 900L

skimz monzter mini dc pump controller

Skimz Monzter Mini DC Pump Controller


skimz monzter mini - bubble plate

Skimz Monzter Mini Bubble Plate


skimz monzter mini - control knob

Skimz Monzter Mini Control Knob


skimz monzter mini - water level control

Skimz Monzter Mini Water Level Control





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