PET ASIA 2011… For Pet Lovers


Once again, Aquarama, the biennial aquatics exhibition incorporating Pet Asia, is round the corner. This spectacular event has become an integral and growing part of the lives of many fish and pet lovers in the region. More and more visitors to Aquarama are therefore finding that they can satisfy, not just their aquatic needs, but also their general pet needs…all under one roof, at Suntec City, Singapore (this year’s show will be held on 26-29 May 2011). Entry for the public opens on 28 May, from 1.00pm onwards.

The incorporation of Pet Asia offers those visitors who have both aquatic and pet interests the opportunity to exploit the full potential of their visit to the event. Although still in its early stages, Pet Asia offers an impressive array of pet products and services for the Asian market, and is a great opportunity to discover the latest innovations, related information and services available. With consumers’ needs in mind, this emerging formula, which is opening Aquarama to a new trade sector, obviously also offers great opportunities for enterprising pet-only companies to take full advantage of this glittering event’s firmly established success.

Purely non-aquatic visitors will come face-to-face, probably for the first time, with the widest possible range of aquatic products they are ever likely to encounter in a single, easy-access, large exhibition hall. International Fish Competitions, Marine and Planted Tank Competitions and many other features are all part of the exciting elements they can immerse themselves in. These can prove an irresistible temptation, which can result in such visitors coming away with a totally fresh perspective on the enormous trade and hobby potential represented by the aquatics sector.

Whichever way you look at it, there are many excellent reasons for making sure that you reserve your weekend to visit Aquarama and Pet Asia 2011. For more details on the exhibition, please visit or email Ms. Doris Woo at Tel: (65) 6592 0887

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