Skimz @ CIPS 2010 – China International Pet Show

CIPS 2010 – China International Pet Show
Date: 30 Oct to 2 Nov 2010
Venue: China International Exhibition Centre, Beijing

Welcome to our stand at A023!

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CIPS 2010
Skimz at CIPS 2010 Beijing Pt. 6

This snack bar in Beijing offers insects and worms including crickets, silk worms, bugs, scorpions, etc.. Beside the ‘interesting’ taste and textures, many people claim that insects are full of calcium and protein. Hungry? Eat A Live Scorpion! Did they eat a poisonous insect? Frying, it turns out, neutralizes the …

CIPS 2010
Skimz at CIPS 2010 Beijing Pt. 5

NEW! SKIMZ TurbMagnum ST600s Protein Skimmer is a commercial-sized recirculating skimmer, designed for professional aquaculturists, commercial farms, large public aquariums, and aquatic wholesale holding unit. It is extremely efficient at removing dissolved organics and pollutants. This skimmer uses a newly developed Hybrid Needlewheel Impeller (HNI) which offers more air intake …

CIPS 2010
Skimz at CIPS 2010 Beijing Pt. 4

Skimz Monzter and Kone Protein Skimmer running live on the demostration tank. < Skimz Kone SK222 protein skimmer features the more powerful Skimz ES5000 needlewheel pump, with massive fine bubbles. This competitively priced protein skimmer is low on power consumption, attractive yet delivers superb skimming results. < Skimz Kone SK222 …