Eden 159 Pump (5,000l/h) – Sturdy, Reliable and Powerful!



Sturdy, Reliable and Powerful. Eden 159 pump combine the reliability of permanent magnet, synchronous motors and the most advanced technological materials by using for instance seamless-coated rare earths magnets to give the highest and most efficient performance and the absence of wear on moving parts. Thermal protection prevents the motor from overheating. Ideal for external and submersed use in aquaria, ponds, fountains and in many industrial applications. Eden 159 pumps come supplied with 1” and 3/4” adapters for easy hose connection. Eden 159 pumps are equipped with a flow control device built into the hydraulic circuit to enable the flow to be adjusted if the pump is used either externally or submersed.

Eden 159 – 5,000 l/h (H max 3.1m)

Eden website: www.edensrl.com

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