Reef salt salinity test

Understand Salinity and Specific Gravity of Saltwater in Reef Aquarium

It is important to understand that salinity and specific gravity are related – but not the same. Salinity can be measured by (a) boiling down a water sample, (b) measuring conductivity by electronic means, and (c) other laboratory methods which are either too complex or too expensive. Specific gravity indicates …

Skimz Coral Feeder
Aquarium Accessories

Skimz Coral Feeder Enable Target Feeding Your Corals

Skimz Coral Feeder is the perfect tool for feeding foods to hard corals, soft corals or small fish. When it comes to feeding corals with very small mouths, like leathers or SPS corals, there are food additives you can add to the water and spot feed. Corals can do well …

Aquapharm Aquarium Feeding Station
Aquarium Accessories

AquaPharm Feeding Station

AquaPharm Feeding Station prevents floating food such as flake and frozen foods from clogging filters or protein skimmers in the aquariums. The Feeding Station can be easily mounted to glass or acrylic. AquaPharm Feeding Station available in two sizes FS50 and FS70. AquaPharm FS50 Feeder Station – Small AquaPharm FS50 Feeder …

Aquarium Lighting

Ultimate Sanrise LED Lighting for Growing Your Corals

Sanrise LED aquarium light is high-tech, energy-efficient CREE LED lighting solutions for your reef aquariums. Sanrise LED light provides enough PAR/PUR to satisfy all your coral needs and keep your reef shinning bright. Sanrise LED light is plug and play and allows you to configure wirelessly with iPhone/iPad and Android …