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Singapore lands largest grouper fish weighing 220kg

Jul 17, 2010, ST THERE was some seriously fishy business going on at 2nd Kitchen at Balestier Road on Friday. A 220kg Queensland Grouper from Indonesia was reeled in by the restaurant owner/chef and Queensland Grouper expert, Johnny Tan. The fish – which is known for its springy but firm …

Aquarama 2009

Aquarama 2009 – Singapore, Part 3

Janet and Erik of Ocean Nutrition Bellotto of Hydor and Sera Janet and Bellotto of Hydor Eileen, Janet and Sera of AquaMarin Kenneth of Aquafauna and Janet Janet and Dr Bassleer Janet and Editor of Aquarama Marco of Aquatronica and Bellotto of Hydor Sera, Marco of Aquatronica and Janet

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Coral bleaching causes 12 Travel Sites Closed To Tourists

21 July 2010 Nine marine park islands and three islands off Langkawi, Terengganu and Pahang are closed to tourists from July 2 to Oct 31 due to coral bleaching. Marine Parks Department director-general Abdul Jamal Mydin said the coral degradation, which was caused by global warming, was worse than in …

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Gobies are immune to a jellyfish’s nasty sting

Christine Dell’Amore National Geographic News Published July 15, 2010 Swarms of stinging jellyfish would make most fish turn tail—but not the bearded goby. The hardy little African fish is the first known to thrive in an ocean region dominated by jellyfish, a new study says. (See “‘Immortal’ Jellyfish Swarm World’s …

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Oceana discovers one of the most threatened deep-sea coral reefs of the Mediterranean

Corales de profundidada | © OCEANA from Oceana on Vimeo. A large part of the reef has been lost through the use of different fishing gear such as bottom trawling and longline fishing, but there are still extensive areas of white coral at a depth of over 300 meters July …

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Deep-ocean cameras capture ‘living fossils’

Lights, camera, action! This deep-sea anglerfish is well-adapted for living in a dark world where the pressure is 140 times greater than on land. “Learning more about these creatures’ primitive eyes and brain could help neuroscientists better understand human vision,” research team leader Justin Marshall says. “We could also design …

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Rising carbon dioxide levels in the ocean may affect coral

The world’s oceans have absorbed nearly half of the carbon dioxide emitted by humans during the last 200 years, creating potential long-term challenges for coral and free-swimming algae, say two new studies. The international research, which included input from Australia’s CSIRO Marine Research and the Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Co-operative …

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Coral reefs suffer mass bleaching

By Richard Gray, Science Correspondent, 18 July 2010 Coral reefs are suffering widespread damage in what is set to be one of the worst years ever for the delicate and beautiful habitats. The phenomenon, known as coral bleaching because the reefs turn bone white when the colourful algae that give …

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Giant Pacific octopus set free with a kiss

POULSBO — Floating in the middle of Liberty Bay, Patrick Mus kissed “Mr. Bob,”the giant Pacific octopus, goodbye on Thursday. The director of the Poulsbo Marine Science Center bid farewell to the octopus nearly a year after it took up residence in a science center tank, the second such octopus …

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Madrid Zoo made an offer to buy Paul the Octopus

17 July 2010 MADRID – THE Madrid Zoo said on Thursday that it has made an offer to buy Paul, the octopus who became a pop culture sensation by correctly predicting the outcome of as many World Cup matches as he has legs – all seven of Germany’s games plus …