Dosing Liquid Storage Containers

Un nuovo contenitore per il balling da Skimz: DLC3 e DLC4

Cominciamo oggi a farvi vedere qualche prodotto intercettato durante il CIPS di Shanghai (editoriale), ed iniziamo con un multicontenitore di Skimz espressamente pensato per il metodo Balling. Parliamo di quello che in Skimz chiamano DLCovvero Dosing Liquid Containers. Quello che vedete in foto è diviso in 4 setti differenti. Ogni …

Skimz Dosing Liquid Container
Dosing Liquid Storage Containers

Skimz launches Dosing Liquid Containers (DLC) series

Reefbuilders – BRIAN BLANK Skimz recently introduced its Skimz Dosing Liquid Containers (DLC) series with a three and four chamber version with color coded silicon tubing to make keeping it organized a bit easier. The Skimz DLC3 and Skimz DLC4 both feature the touches we’ve come to expect with Skimz’s products — …

skimz coral frag rack tray
Coral Magnetic Frag Rack

New Skimz NeoMag Coral Frag Rack

September 29, Brian Blank – ReefBuilders Magnetic coral frag racks are nothing new but Skimz is looking to take a different approach with acrylic racks and plugs to give it a unique look with the new Skimz NeoMag Coral Frag Rack. What makes this one unique is it features a …

Skimz Coral Feeder
Aquarium Accessories

Skimz Coral Feeder Enable Target Feeding Your Corals

Skimz Coral Feeder is the perfect tool for feeding foods to hard corals, soft corals or small fish. When it comes to feeding corals with very small mouths, like leathers or SPS corals, there are food additives you can add to the water and spot feed. Corals can do well …

Aquapharm Aquarium Feeding Station
Aquarium Accessories

AquaPharm Feeding Station

AquaPharm Feeding Station prevents floating food such as flake and frozen foods from clogging filters or protein skimmers in the aquariums. The Feeding Station can be easily mounted to glass or acrylic. AquaPharm Feeding Station available in two sizes FS50 and FS70. AquaPharm FS50 Feeder Station – Small AquaPharm FS50 Feeder …

Aquarium Accessories

Reefbuilders: Skimz intros new space-saving dosing storage containers

Skimz intros new space-saving dosing storage containers By Brian Blank of Reefbuilders on Aug 21, 2014 SKIMZ DB4 – Dosing Liquid Storage Containers Storing anything is a challenge with the limited storage space many of us have around our aquariums and for those of us that utilize a dosing regimen, …

Aquarium Accessories

Skimz DB4 – Space-Saving Dosing Liquid Storage Containers

SKIMZ DB4 – Dosing Liquid Storage Containers Skimz DB4 is space-saving liquid storage containers that connect to your dosing pump so you can automate additives and keep your aquarium water parameters stable. You can use DB4 to dose 2-part calcium/alkalinity, trace elements, magnesium, strontium, etc. ● Space saving design ● …

Aquarium Accessories

Skimz CR16 – Coral Magnetic Frag Rack

Skimz Coral Frag Rack is just what you need to cultivate and grow of hard and soft corals such as acropora, xenia, zoas, etc. It’s cast acrylic structure attaches to the side of the aquarium with secure magnets. Each hole securely fits a Skimz coral frag plug. ● Straight coral …

Aquarium Accessories

Skimz HH2 – Hose Holder Clamp

Skimz HH2 is Hose Holder clamp with two holes for holding inlet and outlet hoses of fluidized/biopellet reactors or aquarium water pipes in position. ● Make water changing much easier ● Hold inlet and outlet hoses of reactors ● Dimensions: L90 X D65 X H45mm ● Max glass thickness: 19mm …

Skimz DT4 Dosing Pump Tube Holder
Aquarium Accessories

Skimz DT4 Dosing Pump Tube Holder

Skimz DT4 is Dosing Tube Holder clamp with four holes for holdIng  tubes of the dosing pump in place on the side of the tank or sump in position. ● Heavy duty bracket ● Hold up to 4 dosing tubes ● Dimensions: L90 X D53 X H55mm ● Max glass …