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Interzoo 2018: incontrando John Ong allo stand Skimz

DaniReef con John Ong allo stand Skimz Skimz era presente anche quest’anno all’Interzoo, anche se lo stand era molto meno voluminosorispetto alle scorse edizioni. E’ sempre un piacere incontrare John Ong che ci ha mostrato lo stand, anche se le novità sono ferme a quelle di cui vi avevamo parlato …

Skimz at Interzoo 2018

Interzoo 2018: Meeting John Ong at Skimz’s booth

Janet, Danilo and John It’s always a pleasure meeting John Ong that presented us the booth, even if the news were the same of the CIPS of Shanghai (article), and we remind you the new balling container. In fact this year Skimz has brought on show the Liquid Dosing Container (DLC) …

Behind the brand Skimz
Protein Skimmer

Behind the Brand: Skimz Singapore

Chances are you’ve read a post or two here on Skimz Singapore and you’d recognize the clean white and orange details on the company’s products, but what about looking Behind the Brand and learn a bit more about the company. Reef Builders Behind the Brand is a new series that …

Skimz Piramid Protein Skimmer
Protein Skimmer

Skimz Piramid a new space-saving pyramid skimmer

May 23 2016, Brian Blank – Reefbuilders Skimz has launched a new space-saving Skimz Piramid protein skimmer for people want a smaller protein skimmer without sacrificing power by slimming down the width by up to 36% over previous designs. Powering the new Skimz Piramid is the new R14 TinyAir bubble plate with a ratio of 4-to-1 of fine holes to …

Protein Skimmer

Skimz Mini Recirculating Biopellet Reactor allows you to use more pellets

Skimz Mini Recirculating Biopellet Reactor allows you to control the water outlet of your effluent according to your bio load without overdoing it and crashing the system. It also allow you to use more biopellets and adjust your flow rate independently using the DC pump controller to suspend the pellets …

Skimz Octa SC255 Protein Skimmer
Aquarama 2015

Skimz Octa Line of German-Powered Protein Skimmers

Skimz Octa protein skimmer is the first to use the Messner needlewheel pump, a highly refined German-made aquarium water pump. Messner pump is best known for high efficiency with very low noise and producing a very fine air-water mixture. Skimz Octo protein skimmer’s air silencer which is now fully serviceable, …

Skimz Octo Messner Protein Skimmer
Aquarama 2015

Skimz Octo skimmers first in the world to use Messner needle wheel pumps

June 1, Jake Adams – Reefbuilders The Skimz Octo protein skimmers are the annual new-skimmer introduction for the venerable Singaporean brand. The Skimz Octo are generally the same as the Skimz Monzter protein skimmer, with a semi-cone body, a full bubble plate diffuser, bayonette fitting removable neck and skimmer cup, …

AquaPharm AP600 Protein Skimmer Body
Protein Skimmer

AquaPharm Protein Skimmer is small, but SERIOUS!

AquaPharm AP-Series Protein Skimmer has small DC pump, is low wattage and has a small foot print. Together with the use of the bubble plate design to reduce turbulence within the skimmer chamber, maximum air flow capacity can be achieved in our compact skimmer. This result in the reduced height of …

Bulk Reef Supply

Skimz Protein Skimmers | Interzoo 2014 by Bulk Reef Supply

YouTube Published 20 June 2014 We just recently added the Skimz line of protein skimmers and reactors into the BRS Skimmer line up, so we stopped by their booth at Interzoo to get the scoop right from them. The oval shaped body of the Skimz Oval skimmers is a shape …

Skimz protein skimmer at Interzoo 2014

Skimz Protein Skimmer at Interzoo 2014 – Part 7 (Final)

Dinner with Skimz’s France distributor. Valery and Janet of Skimz. Eric and Geoffrey. Valery and Janet of Skimz. Nice dinner with red wine and German beers. Bye Interzoo 2014, Nuremberg!   At Nuremberg Hbf (train station). Inside Nuremberg Hbf. Arrived at Amsterdam, Holland. Nice city! Steve, Janet and Thinn having …