Skimz BR103 Biopellet Reactor
Biopellet Reactor

Youtube Video on Skimz BR103 Biopellet Reactor with DC Pump

Biopellet media has recently become popular method of removing nitrates from the aquarium. Biopellets are made primarily of a biodegradable polymer which provides a food source to beneficial bacteria that eliminate unwanted nitrate within the reactor. The new Skimz BR103 Biopellet Reactor is fitted with WP-VSC2000 DC pump, which allows …

Bulk Reef Supply

Skimz Protein Skimmers | Interzoo 2014 by Bulk Reef Supply

YouTube Published 20 June 2014 We just recently added the Skimz line of protein skimmers and reactors into the BRS Skimmer line up, so we stopped by their booth at Interzoo to get the scoop right from them. The oval shaped body of the Skimz Oval skimmers is a shape …

skimz monzter mini - bubble plate
Interzoo 2014

YouTube – Skimz DC Mini Protein Skimmer – SN123

The new Skimz Monzter Mini protein skimmer has the smallest DC pump in the compact body that is great for people who have small sumps. With six preset RPMs controller, low wattage, small footprint, the Monzter Mini is the product of the pursuit of simplicity and stylishness.  

google undewater view
Animal News

Google Street View Comes to Coral Reefs – Video

Now anyone can explore stunning underwater scenes from their computer, using Google Street View. Credit: Google Maps

Animal News

Deep Sea Squid Footage – video

This stunning footage of deep-sea squids comes from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI), where researchers use remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to observe and record deep-sea animal behaviors. Learn more about MBARI…

Animal News

The giant spider crab sloughed off old skin – video

In this video, a gentle and tiny spider crab is internally consumed by a terrifying angry red spider crab who then dispenses of the empty husk of its former host. Thanks to our Asian friend Kangatron for sharing.

Animal News

One of the smallest vertebrates in the world – Pygmy Seahorse

One of the smallest vertebrates in the world lives in the tropical Pacific–the pygmy seahorse. Belonging to the same genus as their larger cousins but reaching a maximum size of about an inch, its no wonder that many of these miniature species have only been discovered within the last decade. …

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Giant Clam Spawning

During a night dive, spotted this clam & the rest of the other corals going off on a spontaneous release!

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Full Moon Trigger Coral Spawning In Okinawa Japan

Full Moon Trigger Coral Spawning In Okinawa Japan. Here is a really cool video about an entire coral reef spawning. Triggered by a full moon, this Okinawa coral reef put on this beautiful display. Corals can reproduce both asexually and sexually. In reefkeeping hobby, we constantly see new polyps and …

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How to frag soft coral – Toadstool Leather Coral

Coral fragging video on toadstool leather corals (soft coral).