Skimz QuietEco Aquarium Water Pump

Skimz QuietEco sono le nuove pompe di risalita Skimz fino a 4.000 l/h

Skimz QuietEco sono le nuove pompe di risalita presentate da Skimz nelle scorse settimane. Le pompe sono 6 e partono da un minimo di 600 l/h di portata fino ad un massimo di 4.000 l/h. Pompe quindi perfette per la maggior parte degli acquari, da quelli più piccoli a quelli …

Skimz QuietEco Aquarium Water Pump
Aquarium Pump

New Skimz QuietEco pumps come in six sizes

Reefbuilders – Brian Blank – 14 June 2017   The Skimz QuietEco pumps are a new line of submersible circulation pumps by the Singapore-based company. Designed to be affordable and energy efficient, the pump range has options for flow rates from 600 to 4,000 liters per hour. All six ceramic …

skimz macroalgae reactor
macroalgae reactor

Il reattore di macroalghe marcato Skimz: MBR127 e MBR157

Oggi noi di DaniReef vi presentiamo il reattore di macroalghe Skimz, filtro ATS concepito per il funzionamento in sump. Quest’estate durante l’Interzoo nello stand Skimz abbiamo avuto modo di vedere il prototipo di questo filtro e ve ne avevamo parlato nell’editoriale sull’Interzoo (leggi qui), ora è pronto il prodotto definitivo: il …

Skimz Pur Carb-08 activated carbon
Activated Carbon

Skimz introduces Pur CARB-08, its new activated carbon pellets

Reefbuilders – Brian Blank Dec 12, 2016 Activated Carbon Skimz added another product to its line with the new Skimz Pur CARB-08 activated carbon. So what makes the Skimz carbon unique in a sea of other carbon options? It looks like Skimz looked for a clean, efficient option to ensure …

Skimz Macroalgae Reactor
macroalgae reactor

Skimz Macroalgae Reactor Looks Ready For Primetime

Reefbuilders – Jake Adams Nov 8, 2016 We’ve got a fresh new look at the Skimz macroalgae reactor, and boy has it come a long way from the prototype we spotted in Germany this summer. Gone is the fan-cooled mess that typified the original model, replaced now in favor of …

skimz dc aquarium pump controller

Meet the new Skimz QuietPro DC pump

Reefbuilders – Brian Blank Oct 6, 2016 The QuietPro DC pump is the latest pump from the Singapore manufacturer. Touting all the benefits of a DC pump, the Skimz QuietPro line can be ran wet or dry while delivering energy savings of up to 50%, all for an approachable price …

skimz macroalgae reactor
macroalgae reactor

Skimz unveils a macroalgae filter chaetomorpha reactor of their own

Reefbuilders – Jake Adams Jun 2, 2016 The Skimz macroalgae filter reactor is an interesting take on a product category which is beginning to gain a lot of traction in the aquarium hobby. The singaporean aquarium product company is quite prolific when it comes to experimenting with different protein skimmer …

Skimz Piramid Protein Skimmer
Protein Skimmer

Skimz Piramid a new space-saving pyramid skimmer

May 23 2016, Brian Blank – Reefbuilders Skimz has launched a new space-saving Skimz Piramid protein skimmer for people want a smaller protein skimmer without sacrificing power by slimming down the width by up to 36% over previous designs. Powering the new Skimz Piramid is the new R14 TinyAir bubble plate with a ratio of 4-to-1 of fine holes to …

skimz aquarium sump tank

Skimz Sumpro Series sumps are worth paying attention to

February 29 2016, Brian Blank – Reefbuilders The new Skimz Sumpro series of sumps are another in the growing trend of quality sumps that’s beauty can rival the tank above. With equipment like this, you can turn the bottom of your aquarium into a point of pride. The new sumps …

skimz coral frag rack tray
Coral Magnetic Frag Rack

New Skimz NeoMag Coral Frag Rack

September 29, Brian Blank – ReefBuilders Magnetic coral frag racks are nothing new but Skimz is looking to take a different approach with acrylic racks and plugs to give it a unique look with the new Skimz NeoMag Coral Frag Rack. What makes this one unique is it features a …